Selena Gomez

Review: “Spring Breakers”

The first sequence of Harmony Korine’s devilishly good new film “Spring Breakers”—comprised of intimate views of scantily clad, young female body-parts on a Florida beach, most of them gyrating—perfectly encapsulates the film’s modus operandi. This type of establishing shot has become commonplace in T&A-focused cinema, like the latest “Porky’s” knockoff (whatever that was) — to …

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New trailer: “Hotel Transylvania”

Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg’s first collaboration, the R-rated “That’s My Boy,” didn’t work out so well (read James’ review here), but knowing that film would tank at the box office probably wouldn’t have changed Sony’s decision to green-light the pair’s subsequent foray into family-friendly animation. In “Hotel Transylvania,” Sandler voices none other than Count …

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