About Us

CriticSpeak.com was founded in April 2012 by Internet film critics Danny Baldwin and James Frazier.

After briefly flirting with daily entertainment news coverage, Baldwin and Frazier decided that the site’s focus should primarily be film criticism, as the title reflects. While the blogosphere is bombarded with an ultimately meaningless parade of promotional trailers and casting announcements, Critic Speak seeks to provide a haven of intelligent analysis.

That’s not to say that Critic Speak caters to snobs; on the contrary, the reviews skew more populist than academic. But you won’t find any Oscar predictions before January or breaking news about when tickets to the next “Twilight” movie go on sale here. Critic Speak’s basic criterion for content is that if it could have been concocted by a publicist, it shouldn’t be posted.

If you’re looking for a richer, hype-free spin on the traditional blog about film, we hope that you will bookmark Critic Speak and visit us daily.

For press inquiries or to submit a screener for review, please contact us at contact@criticspeak.com.

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About the Editors

Danny Baldwin | Co-founder, editor | danny@criticspeak.com | @bucketreviews
Danny Baldwin has been writing about film on the Internet for over a decade, initially for BucketReviews.com and now for Critic Speak. He holds a Master’s degree in Critical Studies from the University of Southern California and in past years served as a member of both the Online Film Critics Society and the San Diego Film Critics Society. Danny’s favorite films include “The 400 Blows,” “Imitation of Life” (1959), “My Neighbor Totoro” and “The Silence of the Lambs.” He lives in Los Angeles.

James Frazier | Co-founder, editor | james@criticspeak.com | @jfrazier57
James Frazier is a freelance journalist and film critic. He has written for various newspapers and websites, including the Washington Times. His five favorite movies as of this moment are “Blue Velvet,” “Casino,” “Memento,” “North by Northwest,” and “Sideways.” You will not find a more dedicated “24” fan. James resides in the Midwest.

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List of Contributors (past and present)

  • Eric Beltmann
  • Guillaume Delloue
  • Britta Hanson
  • Glenn Heath Jr.
  • Dustin Lilleskov
  • JJ Perkins
  • Timothy Semenza