Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in action-thriller from Training Day writer David Ayer

From Governor of California back to movie star, where he'll use the same facial expressions.He’ll be back, all right.

Despite speculation that his marriage-imperiling love-child with a nanny might put the kibosh on his post-Governorship return to Hollywood, 64-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger has lined up quite a list of upcoming projects. In addition to four others already in the works, it was announced today that Schwarzenegger would star in Ten, an action-thriller helmed by Training Day writer David Ayer.

“I am really excited about this project and the team that’s come together,” said Schwarzenegger.  “David Ayer is incredibly talented and exactly what I want for a story this compelling.” That’s pretty standard press release-speak, though it makes one wonder if Schwarzenegger was too occupied by politics to see Ayer’s abominable Street Kings.

Street Kings aside, Ayer is certainly capable–both James and myself have a soft-spot for the widely-panned Harsh Times–and he is probably a good filmmaker to revive Arnold’s macho-man image. “This is going to be an amazing role for Arnold.  Reality is the watchword of this project and an exciting cast is in the works. I couldn’t be more excited as a filmmaker to work with one of my longtime heroes,” Ayer said.

Sadly, it looks like Arnold won’t be reuniting with James Cameron, the filmmaker who made him a star, anytime soon. Earlier today, Cameron said he was only interested in making Avatar movies from here on out, so unless Arnold is prepared to put on the motion-capture suit to play a Na’vi (we pray not), then he will have to work with new directors.

Ten will be distributed by Open Road Films, the joint venture formed by exhibitors AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas. This is a big deal for them, as their prior efforts (The Grey, Silent House) have been smaller budget acquisitions.

Moviegoers can next see Schwarzenegger in August’s The Expendables 2.