Blade Runner sequel going forth with original writer

BLADE RUNNER 2 is being written, but will Harrison Ford reprise his role?It seems that Ridley Scott recently realized that new film concepts haven’t really been working out for him. Sure, Black Hawk Down and American Gangster were terrific motion pictures, but think of all the screw-ups surrounding them on Scott’s resume (Kingdom of Heaven, A Good Year, Body of Lies, Robin Hood).

Apparently determined to buck the negative career trend, Scott is now attempting to recreate past glories in the science-fiction genre. This summer, he’ll be releasing Prometheus, a prequel to his legendary 1979 film Alien. And it appears that next on the agenda is a sequel to his equally legendary 1982 effort, Blade Runner.

While rumors of a Blade Runner sequel have been brewing on the Internet for years, The Hollywood Reporter broke news today that original writer Hampton Fancher is in official talks with Scott and studio Alcon Entertainment to pen the follow-up, making the project seem like more of a reality. All THR had to offer in the way of plot details, however, was that the movie would take place “some years after the first film concluded.”

Whether or not Prometheus and Blade Runner 2: Run Harder turn out any better than Scott’s other recent forays remains to be seen, but their existence is certainly making geeks everywhere happy. Bringing Francher onboard seems like a step in the right direction, even though he hasn’t written much of anything since the original.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter