Critic Speak Podcast: Episode 1

Critic Speak PodcastCritic Speak turns one year old today—how time flies—and in celebration we are launching our latest new feature on the site, the Critic Speak Podcast.

I’ll host this weekly show (a new episode every Monday night) with my fellow Critic Speak editor/co-founder James Frazier. We’ll cover an array of topics related to current happenings in the film industry and in film criticism.

We also plan to use the podcast to interview guests, from established film critics to actors and directors to personal friends, on a regular basis.

On this inaugural episode, James and I take a walk down memory lane and discuss Critic Speak’s—and Hollywood’s—significant milestones over the site’s first year on the Web, as well as where the site is headed in the future.

The podcast will be available for download on iTunes within the next couple of days, but for now you can download it here or stream it below: