Critic Speak Podcast: Episode 13 (Guest Tommy Wiseau)

Tommy Wiseau ("The Room") joins hosts Danny Baldwin and James Frazier on this week's episode of the Critic Speak Podcast.It’s a big week for the Critic Speak Podcast, as James and I are joined for nearly a full half-hour by Tommy Wiseau, the writer/director/producer/star of the 2003 cult sensation “The Room.” Wiseau joined us to promote his appearances at Landmark’s Ken Cinema in San Diego at Midnight on October 11 & 12 (this coming weekend).

Over the course of the interview, Wiseau talks about his experiences showing “The Room” to audiences all over the world, the subculture that the film has created, the current state of cinema in America, his reaction to co-star Greg Sestero’s new book “The Disaster Artist” (reviewed by James here), his views on crowdfunding, and much, much more.

Quick Links for Items Referenced in the Interview:

  • Advance tickets to the Ken Cinema showings of “The Room” are available here.
  • “The Room” on Blu-Ray, with multiple language tracks, is available here.
  • “The Audience Reaction,” Wiseau’s documentary about the reception of “The Room,” is available here.
  • The official website for Wiseau’s sitcom project “The Neighbors” is here.
  • “The Disaster Artist,” by Greg Sestero, is available here.

After we say goodbye to Wiseau, we review the new releases “Don Jon” and “Prisoners.”

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