Friday Box Office: “Brave” slays all competition

A scene from Disney/Pixar's "Brave"As expected, Disney/Pixar’s “Brave” was a far-and-away #1 at the Friday box office, beating its nearest competitor, fellow opener “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” by double-digits. With a $24.5m Friday in the books, the Scotland-set animated flick should post a weekend figure in line with Pixar’s best non-sequel openings ($71m seems reasonable).

Meanwhile, last week’s releases held up as poorly as they bombed in their debuts. “Rock of Ages” will be lucky to hit $7.5m this weekend — a near 50% drop from last, which is about the same fate facing “That’s My Boy.” These movies will undoubtedly go down as the summer’s biggest stinkers, artistically and financially.

Here is the full top 10 chart…

No. Title Friday Gross CriticSpeak Weekend Projection # of Theaters
1 “Brave” $24.5M $71.0M 4,164
2 “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” $6.3M $17.0M 3,108
3 “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” $6.1M $18.3M 3,920
4 “Prometheus” $2.9M $8.6M 2,862
5 “Rock of Ages” $2.5M $7.5M 3,470
6 “Snow White and the Huntsman” $2.5M $7.4M 2,919
7 “That’s My Boy” $2.5M $6.8M 3,030
8 “Marvel’s The Avengers” $2.1M $6.5M 2,230
9 “Men in Black 3” $1.8M $5.5M 2,462
10 “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” $1.3M $4.0M 1,625

Source: Box Office Mojo