Friday Box Office: Men in Black 3 underwhelms

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star in MEN IN BLACK 3, which reigned victorious at the Friday Box Office, even if its take was underwhelming.After I personally doubted that a third big summer blockbuster in a row could fizzle, Men in Black 3 has managed to do it. Don’t get me wrong: this is nowhere near as bad a horror story as Dark Shadows or Battleship. Men in Black 3 managed to take in $17.7 million on opening day, which should compute to a $65m four-day weekend or so. But when Hollywood was expecting $80-90m to put the film in the same range as its predecessors, this number does not look so good. At least it will finally dethrone The Avengers from the #1 spot — a running title that was overdue for quashing.

The one other big highlight was Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, which opened to a whopping $170,000 in just four theaters. Anderson’s devout following ensures that his pictures always open to strong numbers in big cities, but this is truly an achievement, surpassing all the other films in his oeuvre. Moonrise Kingdom should pull in over $500,000 by Monday evening.

Check out the full box office chart after the jump…

No. Title Friday CS 4-Day Projection Theaters
1 Men in Black 3 $17.7M $65M 4,248
2 The Avengers $9.5M $38M 3,918
3 Chernobyl Diaries $3.5M $11.2M 2,433
4 Battleship $3.0M $11.4M 3,702
5 The Dictator $2.8M $10.6M 3,014
6 What to Expect When You’re Expecting $2.2M $8.6M 3,021
7 Dark Shadows $2.0M $8.0M 3,404
8 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel $1.6M $7.0M 1,233
9 The Hunger Games $0.6M $2.3M 1,421
10 Think Like a Man $0.4M $1.5M 786

Source: Movie City News

4 thoughts on “Friday Box Office: <em>Men in Black 3</em> underwhelms”

    1. With a $215M budget and $100M+ on worldwide P&A, that means the film needs to make nearly $650M to break even. With the exception of Russia, international numbers are already proving to be soft, and this opening weekend indicates that domestic won't top $200M.

      Tell me how this isn't a disappointment.

      1. I understand your point, but because YOU projected it'd make $90 million, doesn't mean the studio projected it to make $90,000,000. This was expected for Friday ($18,000,000) – not a disappointment. Most movies lose money in theaters, that's a fact (whether or not the numbers are adjusted). As of now, Men In Black 3 is the second top pre-order on and it still has no release date set. You're not factoring everything in. Still not the big disappointment you're making it out to be.

        1. Actually, the studio DID project it to do $80-90M, per Nikki Finke other sources with a route to the inside. Nowhere did I say it was a "big" disappointment. But it has a long road to profitability, if it ever gets there. $650M will be darn tough, especially if it's front-loaded.

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