Friday Box Office: “Snow White” performs better than expected, “Avengers” breaks another record

Kristen Stewart stars in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.Breaking the streak of post-“Avengers” under-performers, “Snow White and the Huntsman” took command of the box office this Friday, with a solid $20.3m take, positioning it to rake in a better-than-expected $55.8m on the weekend. The movie still has a long road to profitability, with a production budget of $175m (which doesn’t include P&A), but the good news is that this is not another “Battleship”-sized disaster for Universal.

Meanwhile, the summer’s only big hit thus far, “The Avengers”, became the #3 domestic grosser of all-time, surpassing “The Dark Knight”‘s $533m total, not even four weeks into its run. While it’s highly unlikely that the Marvel Comics adaptation will topple “Avatar”‘s record of $760m, it has a small chance of beating the other James Cameron movie in the top 2 — “Titanic,” which thanks to a recent 3-D re-release now towers at $658m.

You know the drill — check out the full chart after the jump…

No. Title Friday CS Weekend Projection Theaters
1 Snow White and the Huntsman $20.3M $55.8M 3,773
2 Men in Black 3 $8.3M $26.6M 4,248
3 The Avengers $5.7M $21.6M 3,670
4 What to Expect When You’re Expecting $1.5M $4.5M 2,907
5 Battleship $1.4M $4.2M 3,144
6 The Dictator $1.4M $4.2M 2,649
7 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel $1.3M $5.1M 1,294
8 Dark Shadows $1.1M $3.3M 3,002
9 Chernobyl Diaries $1.0M $2.8M 2,433
10 For Greater Glory $0.6M $1.7M 757

Source: Box Office Mojo