HBO renews Girls and Veep for second seasons

"Girls" and "Veep" have been renewed by HBO.After receiving stellar reviews and solid ratings (by premium cable standards), the freshman HBO comedies Girls and Veep have been renewed for 10-episode sophomore seasons, reports TV|Line.

In their third and second weeks on the air, respectively, both shows are hovering at just under 4 million total weekly viewers (that is, after repeat airs and DVR viewings are accounted for). Those numbers aren’t anywhere near what HBO breakouts like True Blood or Game of Thrones do, but they are more than enough to keep comparatively lower budget comedies afloat. After all, without advertisers to please, HBO’s decisions are largely about bolstering the street-cred of their brand — a goal that these shows, created by distinct voices Lena Dunham and Armando Iannucci, undoubtedly achieve.

I personally haven’t started Veep yet, but I think that Girls is fast becoming one of the great HBO comedies. Stay tuned for Critic Speak’s inaugural “TV We Love” column discussing the show.

Remember: If you subscribe to HBO but missed the initial airings of Girls and Veep, it isn’t too late to catch up using the very nifty HBO Go.

Source: TV|Line