Jean-Luc Godard shooting 3-D film

Godard in 3-DLet’s be honest: legendary French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard has fallen off his rocker in recent years. While his 2004 effort Notre musique was a notable bright spot on his New Millenium resume, 2001’s In Praise of Love was tedium personified and last year’s Film socialisme… well, I don’t need to go on about that one. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’d probably “get” it even less than those of us who were interested (and that’s saying something).

In what’s likely to be a divisive piece of news, The Film Stage is reporting that Godard is now working on a new film… in 3-D. When said film (titled Goodbye to Language) is released, I have a feeling that it will either signal that Godard has gone completely off the deep end or begun a riveting late-in-life chapter of his career, not somewhere in-between.

For whatever reason, the accomplished auteurs of the world–from Martin Scorsese to Wim Wenders to Werner Herzog to Godard–seem obsessed with 3-D. It’s a perplexing trend, but it mostly worked for the others, so perhaps Godard (in spite of his recent kookiness) can make something interesting with the technology, as well.

Goodbye to Language stars Héloise Godet, Zoe Bruneau, Kamel Abdelli, Richard Chevalier and Jessica Erickson. It should reach audience eyeballs by next year.

Source: The Film Stage