Kick-Ass 2 eyeing production in August, with Never Back Down‘s Jeff Wadlow directing

Aaron Johnson as the title character in the original KICK-ASS, which is now one step closer to a sequel.In news that should make the fanboys of Earth squeal with glee, Deadline‘s Mike Fleming is reporting that Kick-Ass 2 is very close to happening at Universal Pictures, supporting source author Mark Millar’s recent claim that the project could become a reality as soon as this summer.

The current plan at Universal, which is taking over the franchise from previous distributor Lionsgate (which picked up the first film after it was finished and previewed at Comic-Con), is to start production this August. That means that Kick-Ass 2 could reach audiences as soon as next summer.

Fleming reports that discussions for stars Aaron Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse to return are already underway. But the more interesting news is that the director will be Jeff Wadlow, whose previous films include the critically-panned Never Back Down and Cry_Wolf.

Allowing Wadlow to take the director’s chair marks a considerable step down in artistic pedigree from prior director Matthew Vaughn, who made two acclaimed movies before Kick-Ass. However, Vaughn will likely remain a producer, and the decision to hire Wadlow could not have been taken lightly, given this project has been on delicate ground for some time.

It’s anyone’s guess whether Kick-Ass 2 is able to measure up to the quality of the original, but that it’s one step closer to a reality is exciting news for those of us who loved that film.

Source: Deadline