New photos from Rian Johnson’s Looper

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in Rian Johnson's LOOPER.I wrote earlier about how so heavily scrutinizing the first trailer for Rian Johnson’s Looper was destroying the mystique that the movie’s success depends upon, but poring over photos is a bit different — they give away next to nothing, thereby even strengthening said mystique. The photo above had already been released by distributor Film District, so if it’s unfamiliar to you, I suggest you get up to speed quick… because we’ve got four new ones, two of which are devoted to supporters Emily Blunt and Bruce Willis. Check them out after the jump (and click to enlarge).

Looper releases in the United States on September 28.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a LOOOPER.

Emily Blunt in LOOPER.

Bruce Willis playing the older Joseph Gordon-Levitt in LOOPER.

Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt working on the set of LOOPER.

Source: All Movie Photo