Pixar bringing four films back to AMC screens

Four Pixar favorites return to AMC Theatres on Memorial Day weekend.To promote the upcoming release of their new movie Brave, Pixar has partnered with AMC Theatres to bring back four of their most beloved films–Toy Story 3, Up, Ratatouille, and WALL-E–to multiplex screens.

It will all go down on Memorial Day weekend, when each film will show at participating AMC locations for only $6 per ticket. While parents with young kids have surely played these at home hundreds of times, there is nothing like seeing the intricacies of Pixar’s beautiful animation projected onto a giant screen.

It’s a bit of a shame that Up won’t be shown in 3-D–it was one of the few impressive uses of the format–but ultimately, this will spare the other three from being projected through a dim Sony 4K 3-D lens. That’s a worthy trade-off.

Before each movie, patrons will also get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Brave, which opens everywhere June 22.

While purists often badmouth the transition to digital from 35mm film, said transition makes events like this one possible, reminding us that digital can be a valuable asset for exhibitors and moviegoers alike. There is no way it would be economical for Pixar to ship 35mm prints of these releases to hundreds of AMCs across the country.

One last note: I encourage everyone to go see Ratatouille again, because I truly believe it’s Pixar’s best film and that most of you are shortchanging it. Seriously.

For a list of participating AMC Theatres near you, click this link to hop over to their website.