“Raiders of the Lost Ark” returning to theaters… in IMAX!

The original "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" will get a one-week IMAX release at both 70mm and digital sites beginning September 7.It’s been a big season for Steven Spielberg fans. Not only does the director’s famed “Jaws” drop today on a beautifully restored Blu-Ray, but now comes news that perhaps his most beloved work of all-time, the Indiana Jones adventure “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” will play IMAX theaters on September 7 to celebrate/promote its own Blu-Ray release.

And it won’t just be a lame “digital IMAX-only” release, either. While the film will be available on those screens (colloquially referred to as “LieMAX” and “fake IMAX”), it will also be screened in full-size IMAX venues on a glorious 70mm remastered version. This is likely the purest that fans will have ever seen Indy in theaters since his original 70mm engagements in 1981.

Screen Crush first reported the news and says that a full list of theaters will come soon. Currently, the film is slated for a one week-only run, as the latest installment in the “Resident Evil” franchise is set to take over IMAX screens on September 14.

For those who don’t have an IMAX theater in their general area, don’t worry: the complete restored “Indiana Jones” series will be available on Blu-Ray shortly therafter, on September 18. Pre-order your copy here.