Redband trailer for “That’s My Boy” sets new low for Hollywood marketing

Above is the new trailer for “That’s My Boy,” starring Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg, which is about as heinous as two minutes of “comedy” could possibly be. Redband trailers are typically used to show off a movie’s best crude jokes… and apparently, in this movie, the best crude joke is Sandler saying “It tastes like fucking dick infused with balls.” I have defended Sandler over the years against critics’ harsh appraisals of his work–last year’s “Just Go With It” and “Jack & Jill” were nowhere near as bad as most said–but just the trailer for this movie is an insult to humanity. I’m only posting it because it must be seen to be believed. I want to meet the teenage boy who still wants to see “That’s My Boy” after watching this… and get him into therapy immediately.