Sponsored Video: Cornetto’s Cupidity short film series

Normally, when you read about Cornetto on a film blog like Critic Speak, it’s in reference to filmmaker Edgar Wright’s “Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy,” starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, which was named in loving tribute to the venerable ice cream cone. But surprise: that series is not the subject of this post (though, yes, we’re all excited for “The World’s End,” the final installment, which hits theaters in August).

This post is about the real Cornetto — you know, those amazing chocolate-tipped treats born in Italy over 50 years ago and still available today in your grocer’s freezer. But even still, we’re not here to hawk ice cream cones. Instead, we’re here to make you aware of a new short film series that Cornetto has produced, called “Cupidity” and embedded below:

This four-film series (check out all of the videos after streaming the first above, via the Cornetto YouTube channel) explores the theme of teen love from different perspectives. They were each shot on a different part of the globe, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to New York City to Instanbul. One of the videos, X Phobia, was even written by an aspiring teen writer.

These aren’t hollow commercials; they’re full-on cinematic experiences, adorned with striking cinematography (two of them shot in beautiful ‘Scope).

Of course, if you want to check out the ice cream—and who wouldn’t?—you can head on over to Cornetto’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Make sure you like and follow them to stay up to date on all things Cornetto-related (will they add another flavor soon?).

Perhaps the only right way to go about all this is to grab a Cornetto cone and eat it while watching the “Cupidity” series. Yum.

This post is sponsored by Cornetto.