Sponsored Video: Intel Tablet x Flume

Intel and Flume have collaborated on a stunning new form of musical and technological innovation.You are probably readily familiar with the existence of Intel computer chips and the fact that there is probably one operating inside of the computer that you’re currently reading this post on right now, but beyond these simple points, are you familiar with the myriad things that Intel technology can actually achieve?

Well, rather than lecture you with a bunch of geek-oriented jibber-jabber, Intel has produced a video demonstrating the amazing potential of their technology that involves electronic music. Collaborating with the Australian musician Flume, who you may know from Billboard hits like “Holdin’ On” and “Sleepless,” Intel has recorded a track and a music video of sorts, performed entirely by Intel-powered tablets. Yes, that’s right: the same kind of tablets that you use to browse the Internet, e-mail friends, and check Facebook at inappropriate times.

And what’s more: the track sounds pretty radical.

In a Behind the Scenes video, which you can navigate to when prompted during the video (above) or via this link, Flume says of the project: “I wanted to just write something that I’d write, regardless [of the tablet performers], and see how it was going to come about […] I didn’t want to make it easy.”

Since you’re on Critic Speak, you’re probably a movie fan, meaning you’ll probably also notice that a lot of the instruments look like they’ve come straight out of Pixar’s “WALL*E.” Is there a surer sign that the future is now, and that Intel is among the innovators on the forefront of breakthroughs in design and technology?

Be sure to check out Intel’s tablets products page, Facebook page, and Intelligent Sounds on YouTube.

This post is sponsored by Intel.