Sponsored Video: Mercedes-Benz, Defying Death Valley

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger are tasked with surviving one of the harshest environments on earth, with only an innovative piece of machinery to help them. If you think this sounds like the premise of a new movie or TV show, think again; the two actors are actually traveling through the brutal heat of Death Valley, with only their Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL car to provide them the water they need to survive.

You read that right. The B-Class F-CELL car, the first fuel cell electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz for mass production, generates its electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. This means that the car only emits pure water during the course of its operation. Not only does that mean this luxury vehicle contributes no pollutants into the air, but that a tank attached to the car collects water as it travels through the blistering desert conditions.

Surely, it’s not every day that one expects to drink the exhaust of a car, but these Hollywood stars are up to the adventure. In “Defying Death Valley,” both Jackson and Kruger, who have been enthusiastic drivers of the B-Class F-CELL for over two years, put this technology to a lofty test, one it passes with flying colors.

With a cell that reaches a full charge in less than three minutes, the B-Class F-CELL car has a range of about 250 miles. The cell might be considered “alternative” energy, but after driving it, you’ll think of it as the primary way to power your transportation.

The B-Class F-CELL car takes drivers on a journey to the point where luxury, responsibility, and cutting-edge technology intersect. Watch “Defying Death Valley,” and then visit the website to see how you can experience the car for yourself.

This post is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, but concerns our own opinion.