Sponsored Video: Michelin® Premier® A/S Tires Make Driving to Summer Movies Safer and Easier

It’s summer movie season, meaning there will soon be plenty of blockbusters filled with cars racing in climactic chase sequences at a theater near you. You better believe there will be automotive wipeouts in high-octane pics like “22 Jump Street,” “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” and “The Expendables 3.”

But while it’s a lot of fun to watch tires screech and cars collide on the silver screen, this is not a fate that you’d want to befall you or your loved ones in real life. To keep you safe on the roads not just during the summer, but all year round, leading tire pioneer Michelin® has invented a revolutionary new wheel: the Michelin® Premier® A/S.

Using a proprietary rubber compound with high quantities of silica and sunflower oil, the Michelin® Premier® A/S helps your car stop faster on wet roads, even when worn. That’s right: even after hitting the highways for all your summer vacationing, the tire will still have the traction you need to stop properly when it rains in the autumn.

This traction is greatly aided by the EverGroove design, which channels away water even as the tire’s rain grooves naturally lose depth over time. Even better: additional rain grooves emerge in the tire as you rack up miles. This is the kind of groundbreaking invention that you only thought could exist with the help of Hollywood CGI, but nope — this time it’s real!

So as you enjoy watching Hollywood heroes put the petal to the metal this summer, make sure your car is adequately equipped for your more practical driving needs. Michelin® Premier® A/S tires will help you and your family drive to the theater and back home safely — so head to your local tire dealer for a new set today!

This post has been sponsored by Michelin®, but concerns our own opinion.