Sponsored Video: Syfy’s “Helix” Premieres January 10

"Helix" premieres January 10th at 10 p.m. / 9 p.m. Central on Syfy.We’re in a golden age of television, what with the increasing diversity and abundance of original, high-quality cable programming. Great new shows crop up at an alarming rate, so it’s easy to let them pass you by. You don’t want this to be the case with Syfy’s cool new upcoming series “Helix,” which premieres January 10th at 10 p.m. / 9 p.m. Central. The hour-long drama finds a top-secret arctic laboratory taken over by a mysterious contagion, causing an emergency response team from the Center for Disease Control to come in and attempt to contain the disease. If you liked Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus,” it sounds like this will be right up your alley, too. Check out the trailer below:

“Helix” comes from Ron Moore, the producer of Syfy’s immensely popular, critically acclaimed hit “Battlestar Gallactica,” which is still hotly discussed in the blogosphere to this day. It stars Billy Campbell, who you’ll likely recognize from his performances as Abraham Lincoln in the recent TV movie “Killing Lincoln” and Darren Richmond on AMC’s “The Killing.” He’s joined by Jordan Hayes, who co-starred alongside Jennifer Lawrence in “House at the End of the Street”; Hiroyuki Sanada, who was in this summer’s “The Wolverine” and played Dogen on “Lost”; and Kyra Zagorsky, who has appeared on shows like “Supernatural” and “Falling Skies.”

Couple that cast with the visual effects and thematic intrigue you can expect of a Syfy original series and this is a must-watch television event. For once, forget about your DV-R and experience the show the moment it premieres! Again, that’s January 10th at 10 p.m. / 9 p.m. Central. Keep your eyes on “Helix.”

This post is sponsored by Syfy.