Stream Ebertfest 2012

Roger Ebert’s annual festival of overlooked films, held in his hometown of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois at the Virginia Theatre, began yesterday and continues all weekend. For those of us unable to make the pilgrimage to Ebertfest, Mr. Ebert and company are kind enough to provide a live-stream of all the Q&As (embedded above). Given that the festival showcases several films that have already opened, one can follow along at home. Weekend highlights include last year’s best film, Jeff Nichols’ Take Shelter, and the Oscar-winning Iranian drama A Separation. Check out the full weekend schedule, with rough estimates of when each Q&A will begin and links to Amazon streams of available films, after the jump…

Friday, April 27

Saturday, April 28

  • Higher Ground” – Q&A with writer Carolyn S. Briggs at 2:50 CT
  • “Patang (The Kite)” – Q&A with writer, director, producers, and actors at 5:35 CT
  • Take Shelter – Q&A with director Jeff Nichols, actor Michael Shannon, and distributor Michael Barker at 10:30 CT

Sunday, April 29

  • Citizen Kane” (with Ebert audio commentary) – Q&A with blogger David Bordwell and Ebert audio commentary producer Jerffrey Lerner at 2:00 CT