Aaron Paul

Helen Mirren stars as Col. Powell in Gavin Hood's "Eye in the Sky," here reviewed by film critic Danny Baldwin.

Review: “Eye in the Sky”

After exploding onto the international film scene with the virtuosic 2005 debut “Tsotsi,” made in his native South Africa, director Gavin Hood gave the term “sophomore slump” new meaning by ignoring filmmaking elementals in favor of blatant Bush-bashing in his 2007 crossover picture “Rendition.” Now, after big-budget forays into the fantasy realms of Marvel Comics […]

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Review: “Smashed”

In the opening scenes of “Smashed,” Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Kate Hannah immediately reveals herself to be a full-fledged alcoholic. She wakes up hungover, swigs beer in the shower, and sneaks a flew sips from her flask before walking into work… as an elementary school teacher. In the middle of class, Kate vomits, causing a student

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