Pilou Asbaek stars in Tobias Lindholm's "A War," here reviewed by film critic Eric Beltmann.

Review: “A War”

Curious name, “A War.” The setting of Tobias Lindholm’s miniature combat film is very specific—Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, where a group of Danish soldiers try to keep the peace—and yet that title, with its assertive indefinite article, suggests a deliberate distancing, presenting instead a military operation that might stand in for many battles and maybe all […]

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Review: “A Royal Affair”

A few liberal American critics have argued that the lessons of “A Royal Affair,” which chronicles Enlightenment thinking’s triumph over the religion-abusing aristocracy of 18th Century Denmark, apply to today’s domestic political sphere, as far-right officials and pundits like Michele Bachmann and Sean Hannity use the country’s Judeo-Christian tradition to justify what the left views

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