DVD releases April 17

Video Minefield: DVD & Blu-Ray releases for May 1

New selections available for home viewing this week: Haywire is Steven Soderbergh’s star-studded experiment in genre filmmaking, a modest action film that struggles with its own low aim. It’s a curious exercise seeing a prolific auteur approach a task that he likely thinks is beneath him, resulting in a work that’s appealing and exciting at …

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Video Minefield: DVD & Blu-Ray Releases for April 17

Video Minefield: New on DVD & Blu-RayThis Tuesday is light on new home viewing releases, but two noteworthy films (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Shame) do hit store shelves. Some obvious advice: If you like blockbusters, stick with the former; if you like art films that deal with tough subjects, go with the latter. Or do the opposite and risk the consequences of artistic discovery. Click through for capsule reviews from our team.

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