Sean Bobbit

Review: “Byzantium”

Neil Jordan’s “Byzantium,” the filmmaker’s first return to vampires since 1994’s massive Cruise-Pitt success “Interview with the Vampire,” is the best kind of genre film, which is to say the kind of genre film that makes you forget it’s a genre film. Yes, we’ve encountered variations of this story onscreen dozens of times before, but …

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Video Minefield: DVD & Blu-Ray Releases for April 17

Video Minefield: New on DVD & Blu-RayThis Tuesday is light on new home viewing releases, but two noteworthy films (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Shame) do hit store shelves. Some obvious advice: If you like blockbusters, stick with the former; if you like art films that deal with tough subjects, go with the latter. Or do the opposite and risk the consequences of artistic discovery. Click through for capsule reviews from our team.

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