Weekend Box Office: “Brave” tops chart, “To Rome with Love” sizzles on specialty circuit

Alec Baldwin and Jesse Eisenberg star in "To Rome with Love"If you read my Friday box office report, then you already knew that “Brave” would come in at #1, over tripling the gross of its nearest competitor (“Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted”). Thus, it should be of more interest to you that Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love” grossed a bang-up $379,000 in its initial five-theater bow, the best platform opening since “Moonrise Kingdom.” Whether people are genuinely interested in the material this time around or just hoping that Allen was able to replicate the magic of “Midnight in Paris” (which most feel he failed at, given the film’s 54% Rotten Tomatoes rating), only time will tell. And going back to “Moonrise Kingdom” — Wes Anderson’s latest had another solid expansion this weekend, coming in just outside the top 10 with $3.4 million, for a sturdy per-theater-average of $8,635.

Now for the top 10…

No. Title Weekend Per Theater Average Total
1 “Brave” $66.7M $16,028 $66.7M
2 “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” $20.2M $5,153 $157.6M
3 “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” $16.5M $5,309 $16.5M
4 “Prometheus” $10.0M $3,494 $108.5M
5 “Rock of Ages” $8.0M $2,305 $28.8M
6 “Snow White and the Huntsman” $8.0M $2,741 $137.1M
7 “That’s My Boy” $7.9M $2,607 $28.2M
8 “Marvel’s The Avengers” $7.0M $3,157 $598.3M
9 “Men in Black 3” $5.6M $2,275 $163.3M
10 “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” $3.8M $2,361 $3.8M

Source: Box Office Mojo