Weekend Box Office: “The Possession” once again tops very weak crop

The Sam Raimi-produced "The Possession" topped a very weak frame at the box office.This weekend was the weakest for the domestic box office in recent memory, with the supernatural horror film “The Possession” topping the chart for a second weekend in a row despite not cracking $10 million. The new openers all tanked — the multi-narrative non-romance “The Words” made just $4.8 million and the Bruce Willis-Henry Cavill thriller “The Cold Light of Day” did even worse with $1.8 million. That’s especially pathetic given that the IMAX re-issue of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” nearly beat it, despite playing in only a sixth as many theaters. Hollywood can only hope that next weekend yields better results with heavy-hitters “Resident Evil: Retribution” and “Finding Nemo 3D.”

Check out the full top 10 chart below…

No. Title Weekend Per Theater Average Total
1 “The Possession” $9.3M $3,288 $33.2M
2 “Lawless” $6.0M $1,914 $23.5M
3 “The Expendables 2” $5.0M $1,519 $75.6M
4 “The Words” $4.8M $1,696 $4.8M
5 “ParaNorman” $4.2M $1,469 $45.5M
6 “The Bourne Legacy” $4.0M $1,435 $103.6M
7 “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” $3.7M $1,343 $43.0M
8 “The Campaign” $3.4M $1,329 $79.3M
9 “2016: Obama’s America” $3.3M $1,641 $26.1M
10 “The Dark Knight Rises” $3.2M $1,620 $437.8M

Source: Box Office Mojo