Weekend Box Office: Think Like a Man #1, The Lucky One #2, The Hunger Games #3

"Think Like a Man" and "The Lucky One" topped the box office this weekend.As Friday’s box office indicated it would be, this weekend was all about relationship movies — the comedy Think Like a Man coming in at a big #1 and the drama The Lucky One a solid #2. Interestingly, the former held up over Saturday and its projected Sunday much better than the latter (at least by studio estimates). I guess that means there was a lot of teenybopper turn-out on Day One for star Zac Efron, creating a front-loading effect. The Hunger Games rounded out the top three, shoveling even more cash onto Lionsgate’s already mammoth pile. Check out the full top 10 after the jump…

No. Title Weekend Per Theater Avg % Drop
1 Think Like a Man $33M $16,377 NEW
2 The Lucky One $22.8M $7,228 NEW
3 The Hunger Games $14.5M $3,865 -31.3%
4 Chimpanzee $10.2M $6,529 NEW
5 The Three Stooges $9.2M $2,642 -45.9%
6 The Cabin in the Woods $7.8M $2,757 -47.4%
7 American Reuinion $5.2M $1,714 -50.4%
8 Titanic 3D $5M $1,988 -58.1%
9 21 Jump Street $4.6M $1,895 -29.9%
10 Mirror Mirror $4.1M $1,400 -39.9%

Source: Box Office Mojo