Weekend Box Office: Think Like a Man #1, The Lucky One #2, The Hunger Games #3

"Think Like a Man" and "The Lucky One" topped the box office this weekend.As Friday’s box office indicated it would be, this weekend was all about relationship movies — the comedy Think Like a Man coming in at a big #1 and the drama The Lucky One a solid #2. Interestingly, the former held up over Saturday and its projected Sunday much better than the latter (at least by studio estimates). I guess that means there was a lot of teenybopper turn-out on Day One for star Zac Efron, creating a front-loading effect. The Hunger Games rounded out the top three, shoveling even more cash onto Lionsgate’s already mammoth pile. Check out the full top 10 after the jump…

No. Title Weekend Per Theater Avg % Drop
1 Think Like a Man $33M $16,377 NEW
2 The Lucky One $22.8M $7,228 NEW
3 The Hunger Games $14.5M $3,865 -31.3%
4 Chimpanzee $10.2M $6,529 NEW
5 The Three Stooges $9.2M $2,642 -45.9%
6 The Cabin in the Woods $7.8M $2,757 -47.4%
7 American Reuinion $5.2M $1,714 -50.4%
8 Titanic 3D $5M $1,988 -58.1%
9 21 Jump Street $4.6M $1,895 -29.9%
10 Mirror Mirror $4.1M $1,400 -39.9%

Source: Box Office Mojo

3 thoughts on “Weekend Box Office: <em>Think Like a Man</em> #1, <em>The Lucky One</em> #2, <em>The Hunger Games</em> #3”

  1. Good call on Think Like a Man. Certainly carried the weekend.

    And The Hunger Games finally fell, but if I remember right, it still beat your projections by 10 percent. Any word on how it's doing internationally? I believe the second book to be the best of the bunch, so I'm a little frustrated they're dumping the director and rushing to production.

    1. By midweek, there was no stopping Think Like a Man. Kevin Hart was everywhere and you began to see sellouts in ATL, the hottest market for this type of film, appear on Fandango. If not for the fact that this was my first predictions column on Critic Speak and I wanted to err on the side of caution, I may have found the courage to have gone as high as $28M… still not where it ultimately ended up, but closer. A tremendous weekend (much higher than Barbershop or Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which were both seen as incredible breakouts) that should spawn a new franchise, I would think.

      The Hunger Games is pumping along incredibly well, still. The Twilight films certainly didn't post only 30% drops at this points in their releases. After the first weekend, I thought $300M would be a good final number. There's a small chance it could hit $400M now.

      And I'm not so opposed to switching directors with each installment… provided those directors turn out good work. Gary Ross made a noble first film, but I'm not sure he's good for much more than that — too generic to carry an entire series, I'd fear. Perhaps this is for the best.

  2. Yeah I was suprised it make 33 mil but I assumed it would be #1 since no other major release came out this week and The Hungers Games has been out for quite some time. Glad to see a new #1 at the box office for sure. On a side note, "Think Like a Man" is a good film.

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