Bill Maher to stay on HBO through 2014

Conservative culture writers can rejoice, as HBO has just supplied them with three years of new material.

HBO has signed a three-year deal with Bill Maher, ensuring that liberal fans and conservatives who love to hate to watch Real Time with Bill Maher will be able to watch the acerbic left-wing comedian’s show through 2014.

Maher’s show is famous for its round table political debates and its trenchant host. Maher often makes headlines for his strident, usually profane statements about (mostly right-wing) politicians and political positions. The debate segments on his shows usually feature Maher and several liberals arguing with a lone conservative brave or stupid enough to assume the task of defending the right on every conceivable point. In 2008 he wrote, produced, and starred in Religulous, a documentary essentially about his distaste for religion.

His antics have proved to provide a great fount of material for conservative commentators and sites, which take great offense from his highly insulting monologues and diatribes. Real Time averages 4.1 million viewers per episode in gross audience. Maher recently made headlines when he contributed $1 million to Priorities USA, the Obama SuperPAC.

Source: Deadline