James Frazier

James Frazier is a freelance journalist and film critic. He has written for various newspapers and websites, including the Washington Times. James resides in the Midwest and can be reached at james@criticspeak.com.

John Travolta as John Gotti in the 2018 movie "Gotti."

Review: “Gotti”

After a decade in the making, John Travolta’s passion project, a biopic of my lifetime’s most infamous gangster, hits screens with a splat. Already infamous for its 0% Rotten Tomatoes score, “Gotti” is sure to be listed alongside “Battlefield Earth” as an example of Travolta’s lack of cinematic acumen when it comes to flexing his

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Jason Clarke as Ted Kennedy in the 2018 film "Chappaquiddick."

Review: “Chappaquiddick”

The first time we really see Ted Kennedy in John Curran’s “Chappaquiddick” is during a party at one of his family’s Martha’s Vineyard properties. Face ruddy with Scotch, he convenes his carefully curated crowd of babes and stooges, and gives them a lecture on the importance of family. Notably absent: His actual family, including his

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Film critic James Frazier reviews "Tag," starring Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, and Jon Hamm.

Review: “Tag”

“Tag” is a comedy with a lot on its mind. That is to say, the movie tries to cram in so many subplots and themes that it bursts at the seams, left with only affable performances and some slick direction to patch the holes. Proudly touting a plot “based on a true story,” “Tag” follows

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Film critic James Frazier reviews David Ayer's "Bright," starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, now streaming on Netflix.

Review: “Bright”

“Bright” is ostensibly a police thriller set in a world where magic exists, but it comes with a clever thought under its high-concept premise: what does racism mean in a world where sentient creatures are literally of different species? Humans of different skin colors would seem pretty unremarkable to even the most virulent racist when

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