James Frazier

James Frazier is a freelance journalist and film critic. He has written for various newspapers and websites, including the Washington Times. James resides in the Midwest and can be reached at james@criticspeak.com.

Howard Stern not $300 million richer, lawsuit against SiriusXM tossed out

Howard SternThe self-proclaimed King of All Media was dealt a public blow today as a Manhattan Supreme Court justice shot down his lawsuit against SiriusXM.

Last year, Stern and his agent, Don Buchwald, filed a lawsuit against his employer, mere months after renewing his radio show contract for another five years. The lawsuit centered on a part of his initial contract with Sirius, which rewarded Stern based on subscriber growth. The suit contended that Stern should have been compensated for subscribers added when Sirius and XM merged in 2008. Judge Barbara Kapnick ruled today that the contract language is “unambiguous,” dismissing the suit “with prejudice.”

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Waxman: Joe Eszterhas’ “Jewish Braveheart” script bloody, rousing, Mel Gibson-esque

Mel GibsonOver at The Wrap, Sharon Waxman confirms what should be a surprise to no one: Joe Eszterhas’ script for Mel Gibson, which he had labeled a “Jewish Braveheart,” is relentlessly violent. Did anyone expect something different from the writer of Basic Instinct channeling the director of Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, Apocalyptco, and a thousand violent girlfriend death fantasies?

The script, which Eszterhas titled M.C.K.B.I., is said by Waxman to be filled with brutal action scenes, grisly imagery, and heroic speechifying aplenty, very much a “Jewish Braveheart.”

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Battleship not set to sink like John Carter

Taylor Kitsch stars in Universal's BATTLESHIP, which drops in the U.S. on May 18.

John Carter star Taylor Kitsch was already the public face of one disasterous film release this year, but if we look to our friends across the ocean, it looks like he won’t be at the forefront of another.

Over the past week, Peter Berg’s Battleship rolled out in 26 international markets, collecting a princely $58 million haul. The film, “based” on the Hasbro board game and starring Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, and renowned thespian Rihanna, cost a reported $200 million and was predicted to be a cinematic maritime disaster by some analysts.

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