Waxman: Joe Eszterhas’ “Jewish Braveheart” script bloody, rousing, Mel Gibson-esque

Mel GibsonOver at The Wrap, Sharon Waxman confirms what should be a surprise to no one: Joe Eszterhas’ script for Mel Gibson, which he had labeled a “Jewish Braveheart,” is relentlessly violent. Did anyone expect something different from the writer of Basic Instinct channeling the director of Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, Apocalyptco, and a thousand morbid girlfriend death fantasies?

The script, which Eszterhas titled M.C.K.B.I., is said by Waxman to be filled with brutal action scenes, grisly imagery, and heroic speechifying aplenty, very much a “Jewish Braveheart.”

Last week, Gibson and Eszterhas engaged in a very public feud regarding their work on the project, which was recently shelved by Warner Brothers. In a blistering nine-page letter, Eszterhas claimed that Gibson either didn’t plan to make the film and was just using it to bolster his anti-Semitism plagued image, or in fact wanted to encourage Jews to convert to Christianity. Eszterhas also accused Gibson of an array of unstable, racist behaviors. In response, Gibson fired off his own letter, accusing Eszterhas of “substandard” work.

This report only thickens the plot surrounding the public feud of the project, which recently saw Eszterhas threaten to release a recording of Gibson during an alleged manic tirade. Whether or not M.C.K.B.I. would have been an entertaining film, it’s unlikely that anyone would enjoy it as much as they do this public war of words.

Source: The Wrap