Joss Whedon: Liberal Cap Scene Cut From The Avengers

A deleted scene from Joss Whedon's upcoming THE AVENGERS.In an interview with The New York Times, writer/director Joss Whedon discusses the cutting of some his favorite, politically-charged moments from the upcoming comic epic The Avengers.

“One of the best scenes that I wrote was the beautiful and poignant scene between Steve and Peggy [Carter] that takes place in the present,” Whedon said in a glowing review of his craftsmanship.

Explaining that Captain America, played by Chris Evans, was an outlet for his own views, he added “I really do feel a sense of loss about what’s happening in our culture, loss of the idea of community, loss of health care and welfare and all sorts of things. I was spending a lot of time having him say it, and then I cut that.”

This might represent good news for conservative film fans who often charge Hollywood with taking shots at them as well as liberal ones who would be subject to countless Facebook feuds on the subject (if they have any right-wing friends, that is).

In fairness, Captain America, a hero frozen and thawed out to serve in the present, really might be inclined to lament the current state of community, seeing as most of his life was spent in the Great Depression or World War II. On the other hand, a man of his period might scoff at the prospect of taking orders from Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, so perhaps historical fidelity isn’t so important.

Source: The New York Times