“Community” renewed, fans can breathe sigh of relief

It’s been a rocky road for fans of NBC’s comedy “Community” over the past few years – with constant gossip about low ratings outside of its core fan-base and cancellation looming. But the show’s fervent, if small following can now breathe a sigh of relief – NBC has placed a 13-episode order for more Jeff Winger and co. over the next year.

Recently, the show’s fate seemed in question, even though going for one more season meant the ability to attain syndication (a deal is already in the works at Comedy Central). In fact, it’s odd that NBC only selected to renew “Community” for only 13 more episodes, because that will bring its total to 84 — four less than the customary syndication threshold of 88. Apparently, they think that’s enough.

An official time-slot for the fall has yet to be announced, though there is no reason to believe NBC will split ways with the current Thursday 8 p.m. airing. At this point, the network is just trying to be done with the show–Sony Pictures Television undoubtedly gave them a sweetheart licensing deal this time around so they could get to syndication-level–and as a result, an attempt to re-position and make the show successful for a potential Season 5 seems highly unlikely.

But with 13 new episodes of the Dan Harmon-helmed show in the works, this should be a day of celebration for “Community” fans. In spite of some of the lowest total viewer counts in broadcast history (thank goodness for 18-49), their show will live another day.