“Cougar Town” renewed… by TBS

Cougar Town“Cougar Town” fans worried that they might never again see Cougar Town High or take a walk through Cougar Town Park can now breathe a sigh of relief, but they will have to adjust their DVRs.

It was announced today that cult favorite ABC sitcom would be moving to TBS for its next season. Additionally, word is that TBS has signed the cast for another season after the coming one, meaning that “Cougar Town” is likely to see at least two more years on the cable network.

“Cougar Town” stars Courtney Cox as a divorced woman navigating the trials and tribulations of life in a Florida town. The series has been a critical hit but with generally low ratings. Another cult favorite series, Community, often scores many laughs at Cougar Town’s expense.

Cougar Town should debut on TBS in early 2013, joining the network’s highly successful re-runs of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Source: Deadline