Friday Box Office: Five-Year Engagement a non-starter, Think Like a Man remains juggernaut

This is probably how Jason Segel and Emily Blunt actually feel right now.The box office may have been cooking last weekend, but it appears that the kitchen is now closed.

Last week’s big winner Think Like a Man reclaimed the #1 spot, trouncing the competition from four new films, including the Jason Segel/Emily Blunt rom-com The Five-Year Engagement, which I had pegged to gross a strong $26 million over the weekend. That won’t happen — in fact, the movie may not surpass said figure until three weeks into its run, let alone three days. Fellow openers The Pirates! Band of Misfits, The Raven, and Safe were also anemic. Check out the full chart after the jump…

No. Title Friday Critic Speak Weekend Projection Theaters
1 Think Like a Man $5.5M $15.4M 2,015
2 The Lucky One $3.9M $10.9M 3,075
3 The Five-Year Engagement $3.5M $10.2M 2,936
4 The Hunger Games $3.0M $9.6M 3,572
5 The Pirates! Band of Misfits $2.8M $10.6M 3,358
6 Safe $2.6M $6.9M 2,266
7 The Raven $2.5M $6.9M 2,203
8 Chimpanzee $1.6M $5.6M 1,567
9 The Cabin in the Woods $1.4M $3.8M 2,639
10 The Three Stooges $1.3M $4.0M 3,105

Source: Box Office Mojo