Mel Gibson decides against crucifixion, sics lawyers on Joe Eszterhas

Mel GibsonMel Gibson, furious that Joe Eszterhas has released a tape confirming what pretty much everyone already knew (he’s a lunatic), is considering bringing in the lawyers. It could be worse; the man behind The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto can certainly think of worse things to do to his enemies.

Sources in the know have told TMZ that the actor is beyond livid that Eszterhas released a recording of him ranting and raving during at dinner party at his Costa Rican palace. Gibson’s minions are reportedly studying Costa Rican law to see if laws were violated, and even if not if the breach of privacy would constitute grounds for a lawsuit.

This is just the latest bit of news in the feud that has easily surpassed the vast majority of Gibson and Eszterhas’ own films in terms of entertainment value. The feud began when Warner Brothers pulled the plug on The Maccabees, a project described by Eszterhas as a “Jewish Braveheart.” Gibson was to have directed while Eszterhas was to have written the script. Eszterhas has claimed that Gibson was merely using the project to refute charges of anti-Semitism, while Gibson claimed that Eszterhas’ work on the script was “substandard.” Although the tape clearly verifies part of Eszterhas’ claims about Gibson’s behavior, it doesn’t capture some of the more explosive charges, such as him allegedly discussing murdering his ex-girlfriend or expressing satisfaction that John Lennon was shot.

Previous Critic Speak coverage of Gibhasgate can be found here and here. Gibson’s newest film, the ultra-violent thriller Get the Gringo, will premier on DirecTV on May 1. Critic Speak’s own Danny Baldwin will have a review ready that day, so keep checking back.

Source: TMZ