New Dark Knight Rises trailer to debut for lucky Avengers viewers

When The Avengers opens on May 4, lucky comic fans will get a glimpse of both worlds.

The official Warner Brothers website confirms that a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, the third and supposedly final film in Christopher Nolan’s series of Batman films, will begin playing in front of The Avengers.

Unfortunately, not all moviegoers will get a new glimpse of Batman before segueing into the latest adventures of Captain American and Iron Man, since The Dark Knight Rises trailer will be “In-Can,” which means individual theaters will determine their placement before films.

The Avengers is released by Disney, so it will have an “attached” trailer that is guaranteed to play, most likely to be Brave, the new Pixar film. The move, however, plays to the advantage of both studios, as the promise of a new Batman trailer will make The Avengers extra appealing, while also jazzing up comic movie fans. Those unlucky enough to miss The Dark Knight Rises trailer will just have to settle for YouTube before its July 18 release, for their Batman fix. Of course, expect to find the trailer here as soon as it hits the web.