New poster: Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie”

Frankenweenie poster

The last few years have not been kind to Tim Burton. Since 2005’s “Corpse Bride” it seems that all but his most diehard fans have left him in droves. Sure, he was able to rake in career-best box office with “Alice in Wonderland,” but perhaps not enough to make up for the damage that the movie did to his artistic reputation. (Or to offset the disappointing box office of “Sweeney Todd” and “Dark Shadows,” for that matter.)

Thus, it couldn’t hurt for Burton to go back to the style of his earlier work with “Frankenweenie,” could it? The black-and-white animated film–which will be the first B&W 3-D and IMAX release and the widest distributed B&W film in the modern era–is an adaptation of a short-film Burton made all the way back in 1984.

Above is the striking new poster, which doesn’t shy from showing off the fact that the movie is in B&W (gasp!). Click to enlarge it for even more detail. The trailer was already released in March.

“Frankenweenie” is Burton’s first project since 2003’s “Big Fish” that doesn’t star Johnny Depp. Talk about leaving one’s comfort zone.

“Frankenweenie” releases in the U.S. on October 5.