Sponsored Video: F-Secure and David Hasselhoff Fight for #DigitalFreedom

Going about your day, do you ever wonder “What has David Hasselhoff been up to lately?” If so, you’re not alone; millions of people around the world find themselves regularly confronted with this very question. Readers of Critic Speak probably know that the Hoff is set to star in Joe Carnahan’s new movie “Stretch,” due out later this year, but he’s also been spending his time supporting a very important cause.

Partnering with F-Secure, the venerable anti-virus and Internet security company that offers protection for all your devices, Hasselhoff is now the spokesman for the Digital Freedom Movement (#DigitalFreedom), which seeks to speak out against certain parties gathering Internet users’ private information without their consent.

F-Secure’s Mikko Hyppönen kicked off the Digital Freedom Movement at the re:publica 2014 event in Berlin, and Hasselhoff is carrying on the torch. “Digital Freedom is the right to be yourself online — to dare to live life to the fullest, to create, take pictures, connect with people, and share in private, to be private,” Hasselhoff said at a recent meet and greet with fans, which you can watch for yourself in the video above.

Until the end of June, anyone can add to what F-Secure is calling the Digital Freedom Manifesto. You can write what the idea of Digital Freedom means to you, or contribute ideas that benefit the campaign, all at the F-Secure website. Four main themes are covered by the manifesto: mass surveillance; digital persecution; digital colonization; and right of access, movement and speech.

These are important issues that confront all Internet users. And unlike on the hit ’80s program “Baywatch,” you don’t have to have a beach-ready body to join David Hasselhoff in taking on a challenge. Join the F-Secure #DigitalFreedom Movement today!

This post has been sponsored by F-Secure, but concerns our own opinion.