Sponsored Video: Pennzoil Helps Break Automotive Speed Record with Venom GT

From the early days of cinema to today’s most spectacular blockbusters, American films are interested in the unparalleled thrills of lightning fast cars like no other nation’s movies.

Since 1913, America’s fast cars, onscreen and off, have relied on Pennzoil for top tier performance, and they’ve never been disappointed. But it’s now, over 100 years later, that Pennzoil presents a new level of performance in automotive speed. 

Pennzoil, along with renowned automotive industry titans such as John Hennessey and Alex Xydias, as well as country music superstar and screen actor Tim McGraw, continued to innovate and push the boundaries of vehicle performance. This team of world-renowned experts had a mission: set a new world record in speed with the Venom GT, the fastest street legal car on the market, by hitting a mind-blowing 270 miles per hour.

This was no easy task, even with such a prestigious group of professionals. Setting a new record would require not just expertise, but bravery, ingenuity, passion, and nothing short of impeccable equipment. When the record was set to be broken, it was Pennzoil, the most trusted oil brand in the world, that ran through the veins of the Venom GT.

“Cars, music, and Pennzoil … they’re all part of the American life,” says McGraw, and he’s right. Whatever you’re driving on the way to the multiplexes this summer, accept no other oil for your vehicle. And as for whether or not the record was broken, check out the series of videos at the top of this post, in which past and present legends of speed discuss their stories.

This post has been sponsored by Pennzoil, but concerns our own opinion.