Critic Speak Podcast: Episode 3

On this week’s episode of the Critic Speak Podcast, we discuss “The Big Wedding” and what’s happened to Robert De Niro in recent years, the new Michael Bay flick “Pain & Gain,” and Zach Braff’s recent Kickstarter campaign. Then, we interview my buddy and fellow movie lover Oscar Velasquez about his Letterboxd challenge “Great Movies […]

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Review: “Life of Pi”

“Life of Pi” is based on a beloved, bestselling novel, so the process of adapting it for the screen clearly came with a great deal of pressure to satisfy the existing fan-base by following the text to a tee. But most viewers who have no attachment to Yan Martel’s 2001 book will wish that director

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Review: “Silent Hill: Revelation”

The “Silent Hill” video game franchise is beloved primarily for its ability to instill dread in the player by pairing unsettling art direction and atmospheric music with character-driven narratives. In 2006, when director Christophe Gans adapted the series for the screen, he chucked the Japanese game developers’ multi-faceted storytelling approach out the window in favor

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35mm loses another key advocate: Martin Scorsese to shoot new film digitally

Had you asked me yesterday to make a list of the filmmakers who were the biggest proponents of shooting on celluloid, Martin Scorsese’s name would have been close to the top. Sure, the veteran director shot last year’s award-winning “Hugo” using the Arri Alexa digital camera, but most of us figured that was only because

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