Amy Adams

Review: “Man of Steel”

It would be difficult to tell a superhero origin story better than was done in the 1978 “Superman.” “Man of Steel” is a relentless attempt, one handled with an abundance of violence and characters but near complete lack of humanity. Before, Superman was the embodiment of decency, raised by two plainspoken, kind middle-Americans who imbued …

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Review: “The Master”

Paul Thomas Anderson began his career with the story of an older social outcast taking on a younger one as his protégé in 1996’s “Hard Eight,” and now, 16 years later and regarded by many as the leading American filmmaker of his generation, he has returned to the same scenario in “The Master.” Once again, …

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New trailer for “The Master” offers new revelations about P.T.A.’s vision

In my recent Comic-Con thought piece, I vowed that we at Critic Speak would never again post marketing materials, including trailers, without a good reason for doing so. Well, I think there are a couple of good reasons to check out this new trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master,” unless you are committed to …

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Philip Seymour Hoffman in Paul Thomas Anderson's THE MASTER.

Teaser #2: “The Master”

Teaser #2 for Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master,” starring Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams is embedded above. Somehow, it manages to be even more orgasmic than the first. Need anything more be said? I think not. “The Master” hits theaters October 12.