John Sullivan

Review: “America” (2014)

“America” is conservative author Dinesh D’Souza and filmmaker John Sullivan’s de facto sequel to “2016: Obama’s America,” their hit 2012 political film that became the second-highest grossing documentary of all-time but failed to thwart the president’s reelection. If that movie’s objective (other than profit, of course) was to unseat a sitting president, this one aims for something […]

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Review: “2016: Obama’s America”

Few American presidents have inspired as much dissonance in public perception as Barack Obama. Political junkies and ordinary citizens alike are highly accustomed to the wide range of terms used to characterize the current Commander-in-Chief — from visionary to bumbling buffoon, post-racial uniter to race-baiter, bold terror warrior to scheming capitulator, socialist to corporate stooge,

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