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review of the film Lone Survivor

Review: “Lone Survivor”

Peter Berg’s “Lone Survivor” is an interesting war film in that it celebrates America’s elite warriors while also demythologizing them. As much as some critics have questioned the film’s often jingoistic tone, they also often neglect to recognize that with its celebration of its heroes comes a depiction of their frailties. After Berg takes the […]

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Review: “Battleship”

Peter Berg’s “Battleship,” “based on” the board game, is the sort of film that contains the caption “Hong Kong, China,” as if to remind the viewer that the events aren’t unfolding in the rival Asian metropolis of Hong Kong, Nebraska. The caption is an indication of just how low the film’s sights are set, made

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The Avengers opens big overseas, Battleship still strong

In its first two days of release in 25 countries internationally, The Avengers has amassed a whopping $36 million — a powerful indication that it will positively explode when it opens in the United States next Friday. As reported by Variety‘s Stuart Oldham, the Joss Whedon-directed superhero ensemble was particularly strong in the United Kingdom, pulling

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Battleship not set to sink like John Carter

Taylor Kitsch stars in Universal's BATTLESHIP, which drops in the U.S. on May 18.

John Carter star Taylor Kitsch was already the public face of one disasterous film release this year, but if we look to our friends across the ocean, it looks like he won’t be at the forefront of another.

Over the past week, Peter Berg’s Battleship rolled out in 26 international markets, collecting a princely $58 million haul. The film, “based” on the Hasbro board game and starring Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, and renowned thespian Rihanna, cost a reported $200 million and was predicted to be a cinematic maritime disaster by some analysts.

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