Tyler Perry

Review: “Tyler Perry’s Temptation”

While Tyler Perry’s five previous “serious” movies (that is to say, those that do not star Madea) contained no shortage of melodramatic plot developments—each boasts an amount comparable to that of an entire season of the average soap opera—“Temptation” marks the filmmaker’s first attempt at an all-encompassing, big twist. He fails miserably. Any viewer with

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Review: “Alex Cross”

If it weren’t for the ‘Scope cinematography, one could easily mistake “Alex Cross” for a rejected CBS pilot. Consider the main characters: a psychologist/homicide detective protagonist who has the ability to read body language with near-perfect accuracy, a partner who loves him like a brother, a heinously violent villain whose motivations aren’t made clear until

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New trailer: “Alex Cross”

Tyler Perry is trading Madea’s chainsaw for a gun and badge. In this new trailer, he slips into the shoes of James Patterson’s Detective Alex Cross in the appropriately titled “Alex Cross.” Perry will square off against a sadistic mob hitman played by Matthew Fox. The Alex Cross role was formerly played by Morgan Freeman

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