The Dark Knight Returns coming to video

The Dark Knight Returns, the classic 1986 comic from Frank Miller that influenced the Batman mythology more than any other work, is finally getting the movie treatment, and it has its Bruce Wayne.

Peter Weller has been announced as the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Warner Brother’s upcoming animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns. Weller, who holds a significant piece of film iconography to his credit as the star of RoboCop, seems an inspired yet sensible choice for the role. The story sees a middle-aged Batman come out of retirement, where he ultimately battles both the Joker and Superman. Elements of the series, which is exceedingly grim and violent, have been found in Batman media ever since the book was released.

Other voices will include Ariel Winter (Modern Family) as Robin, Wade Williams (Prison Break) as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, and Michael McKean as Arkham Asylum shrink Dr. Wolper. The voice of the Joker will be an interesting casting decision, as Mark Hamill, who had done superb voice acting for Batman’s worst enemy since the 90s, announced his retirement from the role.

The film will be entry 15 in a series of animated movies based on DC heroes. The Dark Knight Rises, the next live Batman film, hits theaters July 20.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter