Tom Cruise to star in remake of a remake The Magnificent Seven

Tom Cruise seems to be in a hurry to film as many potentially huge movies as possible lest one of them tanks and his semi-comeback comes to a halt.

Cruise, who had a rough few years but scored a hit with the latest Mission: Impossible, has attached himself to a remake of the 1960 Western The Magnificent Seven. If it were in the vein of the original, the cast would be star-studded, presumably with Cruise in the alpha role. Rumors of a remake of The Magnificent Seven has been floating around the industry for some time, possibly with a more contemporary setting. The original was a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 epic Seven Samurai.

Cruise has been filling his schedule with a litany of projects designed to ensure that his stardom doesn’t fade, thus far with apparent success. He can be seen this summer in Rock of Ages, and later this year in One Shot, an adaptation of a novel in author Lee Child’s popular thriller series. He’s also filming the big budget sci-fi film Oblivion, will be playing vampire hunter Van Helsing in a reboot of that franchise, and is slated to star in Doug Liman’s thriller All You Need Is Kill.

The film would be produced by MGM, which has been attempting a lot of remakes lately, with new versions of RoboCop and Carrie set to begin filming later this year. Also slated for release by MGM is the remake of Red Dawn, which has sat on shelves for years following the company’s financial woes. And there’s more; Death Wish, Poltergeist, Valley Girl and WarGames are all set for new incarnations. No word on whether or not there are any original ideas left on the planet for MGM to shoot.

Source: Variety