Netflix looking to revisit Jericho

There could be continued life after the apocalypse for one cult favorite if Netflix has its way.

TV Guide has confirmed that Netflix is in talks with CBS about bringing Jericho back to life. The series, which deals with the Kansas survivors of a nuclear war, ended in 2008 after two low-rated seasons.

Recently, it was announced that Netflix would air ten episodes of Arrested Development, another cult favorite that has been absent from the airwaves for many years. If Netflix were to acquire new episodes of Jericho, they would likely debut them in a fashion similar to their plans for Arrested Development, which is to make all produced episodes available via streaming simultaneously.

Netflix is already home to Lilyhammer, an original series about a gangster hiding out in Norway. The company has also committed to two seasons of the drama House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and from David Fincher. The addition of Jericho, apparently a popular pick with streaming subscribers, would give the service four series to call its own.

Jericho fans, who were so passionate that they earned the series a second season by shipping over 20 tons of nuts to CBS headquarters, shouldn’t celebrate victory just yet. The deal has yet to go through, and assembling the original cast could prove difficult, as most have found work in the ensuing four years since cancellation. Fans can, however, look to a Jericho comic book that has continued the series’ story.

Source: TV Guide